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Floral smoke wand

Floral smoke wand with information card.


Eucalyptus: Protection, health-boosting and energising for cleansing.


Lavender: To address insomnia, help with sleep, depression, grief, sorrow and anxiety.


Rose: love, romance, meditation and peace.


Sea lavender (Limonium): Memory, Remembrance, Psychic Abilities, The Element Air. Which is my element, so we have lots of this beautiful flower. Despite the name, this species is not related to Lavender or Rosemary and is really from the Plumbaginaceae family.


Helichrysum: Healing, longevity, Health, antibacterial and restorative properties.


A blessed stone


Resin: To heal, balance and protect the physical and energetic bodies.

Floral smoke wand

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